How do you make an iconic sandwich taste even better? By adding an iconic topping that enhances the flavor to a new level. Today’s “recipe” is more of a simple addition to the traditional Italian Sausage Hoagie. Everyone has their own way of making this classic sandwich, but regardless of your preference, one thing is certain… adding Stello’s Pepper Spread will take your sandwich to a whole new level of flavor. Our Pepper Spread comes in 3 “heat” levels, Hot, Mild, and Sweet. This allows you to customize the flavor experience to everyone’s personal preference. With the main ingredient being FRESH red bell peppers, our pepper spread is the perfect complement to Italian Sausage. Here is how we like to make our Italian Sausage Hoagies:

Step 1: Boil 2 pounds of Italian Sausage for 45 minutes. This will cook the sausage thoroughly.

Step 2: Cut the sausage into 3-4 inch sections and then butterfly in half while keeping the skin in tact

Step 3: Lightly brown the sausage links in a cast iron skillet

Step 4: Slice a sweet onion and red bell pepper in thin slices. Caramelize in oven or skillet

Step 5: Slice a hoagie roll in half and lightly toast the cut sides in the oven

Assemble the hoagie with a bottom layer of provolone cheese slices. Next, top with the browned sausage. Add the caramelized peppers and onions on top of the sausage.

Step 6: This is the most important step and what takes a normal sandwich to a new culinary level. Add a thick layer of Stello’s Pepper Spread to the top half of the bun.

Cut hoagie in half and enjoy. Try different combinations of Hot, Mild, or Sweet Italian Sausage with our Hot, Mild, and Sweet Pepper Spreads. We would love to hear what your favorite combination is.

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