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Stello Foods - Rosie's Caramelized Onions 8 oz

Stello Foods - Rosie's Caramelized Onions 8 oz

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Rosie's Caramelized Onions are perfect for hamburgers or hotdogs. The sweet onion combination is a delicious culinary delight. Also, try adding to your favorite pasta sauce, chili, omelet, or veggie stir fry! Upgrade your meals with the sweet and savory flavor of Rosie's Caramelized Onions! These perfectly caramelized onions are the ultimate addition to any dish, from hamburgers and hotdogs to pasta sauce, chili, omelets, and veggie stir fry. Elevate your cooking game and tantalize your taste buds with Rosie's Caramelized Onions - a culinary delight you won't want to miss out on!

Key Features

- Small Batch
- Family Owned
- Gluten Free
- No Corn Syrups
- Fat Free
- Cholesterol Free
- Low Sodium
- Vegan
- Vegetarian


Fresh Onions, Sugar, Water, Modified Corn Starch, Rice Vinegar, Salt, Spices.

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