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Stello Foods - Rosie's Chili Sauce 12.5 oz

Stello Foods - Rosie's Chili Sauce 12.5 oz

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Rosie's Chili Sauce is the perfect blend of tomatoes and chili spices for dipping, spreading, grilling, and cooking. This is the best full flavor chili sauce you'll ever have without the heat! Makes a great addition to any meal when you need that authentic chili taste. Also, makes a fantastic dipping sauce, BBQ Sauce, marinade or glaze. Take your taste buds on a wild journey with Rosie's Chili Sauce. A bold mix of tomatoes and chili spices will add a flavorful kick to any dish. Whether you're dipping, spreading, grilling, or cooking, nothing will stand in your way. This sauce is the perfect partner for your adventurous spirit.

Key Features

- Small Batch
- Family Owned
- Gluten Free
- No Corn Syrups
- Low Calorie
- Fat Free
- Vegetarian
- Vegan


Tomato Puree ( water, tomato paste), Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Onion, Spices.

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