Introducing Three New Pasta Shapes...

Introducing Three New Pasta Shapes...

You know that we LOVE sauce here at Stello Foods, but what good would our homestyle sauces be without something to cover them with? Our bronze cut and slow dried semolina pasta is the high quality pasta you've been searching for. And this week we're excited to share with you that our pasta line-up has grown by 3! Introducing Farfalle, Cavatappi, and Orecchiette from Stello Foods!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of pasta? There are currently around 350 different shapes of Italian pasta, but before the invention of the extrusion press during the Italian Renaissance pasta was pretty basic; large cuts of dough, thin strings of what we call spaghetti, and little balls. But with the technology to press the dough through cutting dies came the ability to create new pasta shapes. People of all classes and nationalities traveling through Italy immediately fell in love with this staple of the Italian diet and spread the love back to their home countries until people all over the word were raving about "macaroni". 

One of my favorite things about pasta is learning the names of each shape and what they mean; each name is so fun and literal! Most people are familiar with our first debut, farfalle. Pinched in the middle to form a "bowtie", many people simply refer to this shape simply as "bow tie noddles". But farfalle has been around since the 1500s, meaning it predates the adoption of wearing scarves tied around one's neck into a bow by at least 100 years. So what were the Italians referring to when they named this little pasta often used for creamy dishes and pasta salads? Butterflies! This was one of the earlier pasta shapes because it was originally made from dough leftover from cutting out other shapes like linguini. 



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