Summer Cookout Recipes

Summer Cookout Recipes

Today is the first day of Summer, so we're rounding up some of our favorite cookout recipes as a go-to guide for your next barbecue! 

Whether your backyard grill-master is flipping burgers or searing up steaks, we have the sauces, marinades, and condiments you need to take your food to the next level and enter the neighborhood BBQ hall-of-fame.

We have 18 different varieties of BBQ sauce, so whether you like your meat sweet or with some heat, we have something to please every palate. 

My favorite for the summer is Louisiana BBQ Sauce. It has just a subtle spiciness to it, and a sweet and smokey flavor given by molasses and applesauce. Try it on chicken, pulled pork, ribs, and more. Try this recipe for classic bbq chicken legs. The first step is optional, but is a family trick for crispy, flavorful chicken, even when grilled without sauce!


I couldn't resist the rest of the bottle, so when I made shish kabobs last week I knew I had to brush a little Louisiana BBQ Sauce across them for a sweet burst of flavor. My only regret is forgetting to pick up a pineapple to add another layer to the combination of flavors. The Black Nugget Marinade is so good that even after grilling until well done the meat was tender and juicy.

If a classic burger is your thing, we've got you (and your burger) covered! With 5 flavors of ketchup and a line of unique mustards made with fresh peppers, you can create a combination that gives a gourmet level compliment to the proof your culinary expertise on the grill. To amp your patties up even more, add a splash of The Old Colony Inn sauce before forming. 


Don't forget the deviled eggs! No cook-out is complete without this staple of the side dish table! For an extra-devilish take, try making them with Jalapeño Mustard. The flavor is rich and the heat is minimal. The whole tray will disappear before you even have time to tell them your secret ingredient - Stello Foods!

Hopefully these recipes help you kick off the summer right this weekend! And if you #TryStelloFoods with a combination or recipe we haven't thought of please share with us on social media! 


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