Scallops over pasta w/Tomato Chardonnay Sauce

Scallops over pasta w/Tomato Chardonnay Sauce

Valentine's Day is coming up and this year it's on a Wednesday, so not only will reservations be hard to get, but your time will be limited, too. No need to worry about your date-night dinner plans anymore because this week's #TastyTuesday has all the bases covered. In under 20 minutes from pantry (and paper towel) to plate, this entree is time-saving and easy but looks and tastes as upscale as you deserve whether you are treating yourself, or another special someone.


Here's what you need:


2 servings fettuccine

1/2 lbs scallops



1 tbs oil or grease

1 jar of Stello Foods’ Rosie’s Tomato Chardonnay Sauce

Optional: Grated Parmesan and bacon pieces


  • Pat Scallops dry and let sit on paper towels while pasta is being prepared.
  • Prepare Pasta according to directions on box
  • Salt and Pepper scallops generously
  • Sear scallops on both sides in bacon grease or olive oil
  • Drain Pasta and add jar of Tomato Chardonnay Sauce from Stello Foods.
  • Plate the scallops on top of your pasta, add grated cheese or bacon if desired, and enjoy!

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